Cafe Dolphin Screensaver

Free Have you ever seen a cafe under the ocean water? Now you can see underwater cafe and underwater scen
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Cafe Dolphin Screensaver is a simple (and rather ugly) screensaver that shows an image of a distorted cafe with a sign in the form of dolphin reading "Cafe Dolphin" with a table outside, and four inanimate fish, a seahorse and a winkle moving around. This screensaver is not pleasant at all since it doesn't have any music or sound, the colors are horrible and pale, and it cannot be customized. What is more, you are forced to install a browser toolbar before you install this screensaver. However, the toolbar is pretty useful and complete since it includes an online radio player that comes with a few default radio stations (you can add as many as you want); links to play many online games; instant access to Flickr and world news; a list of useful gadgets to add; an email notifier for multiple accounts; a list of free screensavers to donwload and many other things. However, this is very intrusive since you cannot choose not to install this toolbar or not to set the ArtGameStudio homepage as startpage. All in all, I wouldn't install Cafe Dolphin Screensaver under any circumstance beacause it is awful, but if you like the toolbar, there are plenty of similar ones out there. Or you can download another screensaver from the list, for that matter.

SM Senior editor
Silvana Mansilla
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  • Includes a comprehensive toolbar


  • Ugly
  • You have to install the toolbar in order to install the screensaver



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